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2 x Unusual Decrease techniques – Stepped and Sloped

As the festive season is approaching and a lot of people has busy hands… including myself I have decided to slow down on the posting activity. I hope that all my loyal crochet learners and followers will not mind fortnightly posting instead of weekly. I believe there is so much to do during a holiday and Christmas season so there […]

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How To Do Decrease in Double Crochet – too many loops?

This article explains crochet decrease techniques used in a double crochet stitch. The basics of single crochet stitch were explained in my previous article  1. Single decreasing in double crochet within a row (dc2tog) Stitch to the position of the decrease. In my case I worked 15 DC with 2CH turning. My decrease position is 6th and 7th DC […]

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3 Usual Ways Of Shaping By Decrease

The next most important thing that you will learn in crochet is increase and crochet decrease techniques. The basics of crochet increase were explained in my previous article 4 Most Common Ways of Shaping by Increase. Shaping by crochet decreasing, it simply means shortening the rows by skipping or invisibly removing the “present crochet stitches”. Increases and decreases are used […]