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Bobbles, bobbles, bobbles …

I know it is a festive season, but why not to make something special like a little toy sheep as an addition to your Nativity Set? Ok, it might be a bit late for this year Xmas I know 🙂 but never late for next year Christmas or an upcoming Easter ! 😀 A beautiful free pattern for sheep toy […]

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Crochet Minion Dog Outfit – (L) Free Pattern

Hello everybody, my nephew asked me if I am able to make a jumper for his still a puppy English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. His name is Pablo and you can follow his growing up journey here: Pablo Blue Staffy Well, there was no other specification, than that it should be a jumper to keep him warm during winter cold nights. I […]

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Boy Hat – Free Pattern

I have used this Baby Blues Hat by DROPS Design pattern to create a hat for my son. It is very easy pattern with good instructions to follow. It is very good for beginners and I would say quite quick project too (e.g. I spent a probably an hour a day and took me a week to complete the hat). I […]