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Crochet Minion Dog Outfit – (L) Free Pattern

Hello everybody, my nephew asked me if I am able to make a jumper for his still a puppy English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. His name is Pablo and you can follow his growing up journey here: Pablo Blue Staffy Well, there was no other specification, than that it should be a jumper to keep him warm during winter cold nights. I […]

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How to hold a hook & yarn

In case the crochet is still a mystery to you and you would like to start, I have written a previous article about basic supplies What you need to start – basic crochet supplies you will need to start with. So, I guess by now, you have purchased at least 1 x hook and 1 x ball of yarn to […]



This blog is written and edited by Iva Stencel. Occasionally this blog accepts forms of cash advertising or other forms of compensation (affiliate links). The compensation received never influences the content, topics or posts made in this blog as this blog is aimed to help other to learn and or become a crocheter or a better crocheter. I believe in honesty of […]

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Boy Hat – Free Pattern

I have used this Baby Blues Hat by DROPS Design pattern to create a hat for my son. It is very easy pattern with good instructions to follow. It is very good for beginners and I would say quite quick project too (e.g. I spent a probably an hour a day and took me a week to complete the hat). I […]

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6 facts about crochet you may not know

Here are 6 amazing facts about crochet, which I found fascinating. They will probably not make you a better crocheter, however it can enhance your admiration to this craft and promote a deeper connection if you would know that: 1. The word “CROCHET” is thought to be derived from the French word “croc” or “croche”, meaning to hook. Crochet is known […]

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My crochet journey

I always thought, that crocheting is something what only a very old women do…never paid attention to it. And of course, there was the awkward hook to be used… However, as a kid I liked a yarn, I liked a feel of it. To play with strings, bits and pieces, putting them into dolls hair or making a collage gluing […]

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About me

Hello my name is Iva Stencel and I have a passion for playing with yarn and threads ever since I was a child. Over the years, I attempted various techniques such as knitting, loom knitting, finger knitting, macramé and finally crocheting. In 2018 an idea sparked in my mind to write an ultimate tutorial blog to help others learn the […]