I always thought that crocheting is something what only a very old women do…never paid attention to it. Also, a big contributor to this avoidance was that my grandma and my mum, who were knitters and sewers.

And of course there was the awkward hook to be used…

However, as a kid I liked a yarn, I liked a feel of it. To play with strings, bits and pieces, putting them into dolls hair or making a collage gluing it onto a paper or cardboard.

When I was sick and stuck in bed with flu or cold, I use to take a ball of yarn and played with it (pay attention as I believe these are my roots to crocheting journey…)

Later, when I was a teenager, I tried to knit (found it very exhaustively slow process to make something bigger than a barbie doll jumper …ehh) and crochet. I had a book with very flimsy pictures but after a very long process I created a flower.

I got very excited, but I did not know what to do with the flower. Then an idea sparked, that I could crochet hundreds and thousands of them, connect and have a …..vest 🙂

Well, I did 5 of them and finished. Never made it to anything bigger than 3 connected flowers and as a totally exhausted teenager, moved on.

In my young twenties I picked up the yarn again and tried the knotting in a pretty way (


it is called macramé). Again, it never made it to a big project, but lead me back to a yarn a its beauty.

When I was pregnant with my first I started to knit again jus to pass the time and also tried loom knitting and finger knitting. All these techniques were great, BUT just too slow for me to keep my attention to it.

Then, I pick up the hook again and then my REAL crocheting journey started and so far I did not put it down …( yes of course I do not sleep with it  :)…c’mon you know what I meant).