In this post I will explain how to make Double Crochet (dc) Stitch. In British terminology also known as Treble Crochet (tr) stitch.

Personally I like this stitch a lot, it is easy to make, your piece is quickly done, stitch is stretchy and widely suitable for broad spectrum of projects.

However, if you are Amigurumi maker, you will not need this stitch as much as majority  Amigurumi projects are done in a single crochet stitch (Chain stitch & Single Crochet Stitch ).

Double Crochet stitch (dc) does not necessarily mean double trouble :). Double means that it is long stitch – longer than half double crochet (Half Double Crochet – half short & half long ) and longer than single or slip stitch (How to make a Slip Stitch (ss) the smallest stitch of all and Chain stitch & Single Crochet Stitch). Stretches well in height as well as width, which can be handy when working with 100% cotton yarn. img_3926.jpg

Double Crochet Stitch – Usage

The Double Crochet Stitch is the very common crochet stitch, belonging to the absolute beginners crocheting foundation stitches. It is made of two single crochet stitches in height, but it is not as tight as the single crochet stitch. The double crochet is a beautiful stretchy stitch, suitable for blankets any other garments including socks. IMG_0851I used it even on a dog jumper :). You can read here all about the dog jumper project: Crochet Minion Dog Outfit – (L) Free Pattern.

Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial – How To

  1. Work the required number of your base chain stitches as per your pattern. Chain stitch explained here Chain stitch & Single Crochet Stitch In my case it is 10 CH (chain stitches). IMG_9178
  2. Some patterns tells you to make extra 3 chain stitches – turning at the end. I am not big fan of that as it always gives me a little hole between the first stitch and subsequent stitch on each side 😦 . I am turning Double Crochet Stitch with 1 chain stitch only, but you do what ever you works for you (3 or 1 chain stitch to turn).
  3. I worked 1 CH (chain stitch) as turning.
  4. Wrap the yarn from back to front (yarn over – yoIMG_4144
  5. Insert the hook from front to back through the 2nd chain stitch, in case you turning with 1 CH only!!!! (otherwise insert the hook into 4th chain stitch from the hook – turning with 3CH).
  6. You should have 3 loops of the yarn on your hook IMG_5646
  7. Yarn over
  8. Pull the yarn through 2 loops only by drawing the hook backwards. You should ended up with 2 loops on your hook.
  9. Yarn over img_4123.jpg
  10. Pull the yarn through the 2 remaining loops by drawing the hook backwards
  11. One loop remains on the hook – Double Crochet Stitch is completed! 🙂 img_1831.jpg
  12. Work till the end by repeating steps 4 and 6 to 11 
  13. At the end work 1CH (or 3CH) for turning, turn your work and continue with the same manner as step 12.  You insert the hook under the two strings of the dc stitch from previous row.
  14. Continue step 13 until your piece measures the desired length or your pattern instructs you otherwise.

Also if you prefer to watch a video tutorial how to make Double Crochet Stitch (dc) click on the following link here : How to make Double Crochet Stitch (dc)

Well done !



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