The Half Double Crochet Stitch (abbreviated hdc) or also known as Half Treble Crochet Stitch (htr) in British terminology is most commonly used when making blankets, garments or decorative items like appliqué flowers. IMG_9619

The half double crochet is somewhat a bizarre stitch. The half double crochet falls in between a single crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch in height, but instead of working off two loops at a time, you draw the yarn through three loops on the hook at once. It produces a fairly tight fabric similar to one made with a single crochet stitch, but more stretchy.

How to make Half Double Crochet Stitch – Step by Step

  1. Work the required number of chain stitches (abbreviated as CH) for the width of your piece and then 2 more chain stitches (turning chain). I made 10 CH + 1 CH turning in my example. Refer to the blog post Chain stitch & Single Crochet Stitch for instructions on how to make a chain stitch.IMG_8743
  2. First Row: Wrap the yarn from back to front over the hook. This is known as yarn over (abbreviated as YO). IMG_6940
  3. Take the hook from front to back through the third chain (if you turning with 2 CH) or second chain (if you turning with 1CH like me) from the hook. There are three loops on the hook. IMG_6659
  4. Take the yarn from back to front over the hook. IMG_0599
  5. Catch this section of yarn in the barb of the hook. Draw the hook backwards to pull the yarn through the loop of the chain stitch. IMG_7195
  6. Three loops remain on the hook. IMG_0123
  7. Wrap the yarn over the hook in the same manner as in the Step 2.IMG_3948
  8. Draw the hook backwards to pull the yarn through all three loops on the hook. IMG_6517
  9. One loop remains on the hook and the stitch is completed. IMG_5119
  10. Working through the next chain, repeat steps 2 to 9 to form a second stitch.
  11. Continue to the end of the chain, working the half double crochet stitch into each one chain stitch.
  12. Work two chain stitches (this is the turning chain).
  13. Turn the piece.
  14. Subsequent rows: Skip first 2 chain stitches as these will count as the turning chain. Yarn over hook once, insert hook from front to back in the center of the third chain from the hook. Yarn over, draw the yarn through the chain (3 loops on hook). Yarn over, draw through 3 loops on hook (one half double crochet stitch complete). Continue until you reach desired length of the piece.
  15. Refer to the video link for motion instructions How to do Half Double Crochet Stitch HDC

HDC Turning 2 Chain Stitch – Yes? or No?

You can also watch a video link showing the pros and cons of 2CH turn and 1CH turn with hdc stitch here hdc turn with 1CH and 2CH – the differences.

2 CH Turning with HDC stitch

I am not a big fan of long turning chain stitches as for some reason it always creates a little space hole between the turning stitch and next crocheted stitches (maybe it is just me not knowing how to crochet properly 🙂 ).

So here is pictured turning with 2 chain stitches and the space left between turning stitches and subsequent hdc stitches:

1 CH Turning with HDC stitch

Turning with 1 chain stitch gives you a smooth straight edge as well as no visible space between the stitches so I prefer this option. I am personally a heavy user of the 1 CH stitch turn for nearly all situations where the project is a flat piece (e.g. blankets, jumpers, headbands…).



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