My daughter has a habit of bringing a little toys and their accessories into the car. It is usually left behind and to be honest it is everywhere…Neither I or my husband like it, but what to do with that?

I looked on internet for some tips and ideas and here I found gorgeous car pocket organisers :Teddy Treasure Organiser pattern by Tatsiana Matsiuk and nearly purchased the pattern for the bear and also the owl.

Then 1 click away I paused and asked my “all the time fussy” daughter: “Do you like the owl or the bear?” and she replied: ” I do not like the owl, mum! And the bear is very boyish, I do not like that one either” Well and that was it.

So no pattern purchased, no organiser for our car :(. But the idea was good, just to make it somehow a little bit more girly 🙂 and could work even in our household.

And from that impulse, I developed my pattern for Bear Girl using the original idea of Tasiana Matsiuk’s Teddy Treasure.

I have not re-design her pattern as I have never purchased one so it may be similar and maybe not, I cannot tell.


I have used:

  • 3 skeins of 8 ply 24/7 Cotton Algodon Yarn (purple) by LionBrand, 300g
  • 1 skein of Flinders cotton 8ply (orange), 50g
  • 1 skein of Flinders cotton 8ply (brownish green), 50g
  • 1 skein of Flinders cotton 8ply (white), 50g
  • 1 skein ofBrighton cotton 8ply (black), 50g
  • leftover of 8ply 100# acrylic (pink) ~20g
  • 3.5mm hook
  • 10 medium pink flat buttons, 2 medium black flat buttons, 1 bigger dark-brown button, 2 small red-orange buttons, 2 med
  • embroidery thread black
  • tapestry needle, sewing needle and little bit of black and light pink sewing thread

Gauge: 12 x rows = 10cm, 20 SC = 10cm for the main colour (purple)

The details is on the above picture. I did not used the yellow colour pictured, originally I planned for a bird beak… but then decided not to as I started to make a “bear girl” 🙂


CH – chain stitch

MR – magic ring

SC – single crochet stitch

SC tog – single crochet decrease

SC inc – single crochet increase

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet stitch

DC tog – double crochet decrease

SS – slip stitch

(….) – repeat

FO – fasten off



R1: CH 78 into 2nd CH from the hook SC until the end (77)

R2: CH 1(for turning only), turn work, SC to the 1 – 77 SC till the end (77), continue until the piece measures 24cm.

R3-R8: CH1 (turning), turn work, SC tog, 73 x SC, SC tog, CH1, turn

R9-R10: CH1, turn, 65 x SC (65)

R11-R13: CH1, turn, SC inc, 63x SC, SC inc

R14: CH1, turn, 71 x SC (71), repeat until the section measures 9cm, the entire piece from the bottom to top is 38cm

R15 – R40: CH1, turn, SC tog, SC until 2 last SC left, SC tog. FO after R40.

The piece in between the top corners should measure ~ 12cm. The entire work is 48cm as per the above picture.

Ear (make 2x):

R1: MR, 8DC in MR do not connect the ring (leave it as semicircle), do not make turning chain in any row

R2: turn, 2DC in each DC around (16)

R3:turn, (DC,2DC in DC,) till end (24)

R4: turn, (2x DC, 2DC in DC) till end (32)

R5: turn, (3x DC, 2DC in DC) till end (40)

R6: turn, (4x DC, 2DC in DC) till end (48), FO

Ear Bow (make 2x):


use the orange cotton yarn

R1: CH8, SC in 2nd CH from the hook, SC till the end (7)

R2: CH1 (turning), turn, SC tog, 3x SC, SC tog (5)

R3: CH1, turn, SC till the end (5)

R4: CH1, turn, SC tog, SC, SC tog (3)

R5 – R7: CH1, turn, SC till the end (3)

R8: CH1, turn, SC inc, SC, SC inc (5)

R9: CH1, turn, SC till the end (5)

R10: CH1, turn, SC inc, 3xSC, SC inc (7)

R11: CH1, turn, SC till the end (7), FO



I used the pink 100% acrylic scrap yarn

R1: MR, 6SC in MR, slip stitch into the first SC (connecting into the circle), it is wise to place a marker into the first SC (6)

R2: 2HDC in each SC all around, SS into the first HDC, CH1 (turning) (12)

R3: (2 x HDC in HDC, 2 x HDC) till end, SS, CH1 (18)

R4: (2x HDC in HDC, 3 x HDC) till end, SS, CH1 (24)

R5: (2x HDC in HDC, 4 x HDC) till end, SS, CH1 (30)

R6: (2x HDC in HDC, 5 x HDC) till end, SS, CH1 (36)

R7: (2x DC in HDC, 6x DC) till end, SS, FO (42)

Hand (make 2 x):


R1: CH9, DC in 2nd CH from the hook, DC till end, turn (8)

R2: 2DC in DC, 6x DC, 2DC in DC, turn (10)

R3: 9x DC, 2Dc in DC, turn (11)

R4: 9 x DC, DC tog, turn (10)

R5: 10 x DC, turn (10)

R6: 8 x DC, DC tog, turn (9)

R7: 9x DC (9), turn

R8: 2x DC in DC, 7x DC, 2x DC in DC, turn (11)

R9: 2x DC in DC, 10x DC, turn (12)

R10: 2x DC in DC, 10x DC, 2x DC in DC, turn (14)

R11: 14x DC, turn (14)

R12: 12x DC, DC tog, turn (13)

R13: DC tog, 11x DC, turn (12)

R14 – R16: DC tog, 8x DC, DC tog, turn

R17: 3 x DC tog, SS to the next DC, place marker and DC around the hand

Eye (make 2 x):

I used white cotton yarn.


R1: MR, 8 HDC in MR, SS to the first HDC (connect into circle), CH1

R2: (2x HDC in HDC) till end, SS, CH1 (16)

R3: (2 DC in HDC, DC) till end, SS, CH1 (24)

R4: (2DC in DC, 2 x DC) till end, SS, FO (32)

Foot (make 2 x):


R1: MR, 8x DC in MR, SS into the first DC (connect circle) (8)

R2: 2x DC in each DC around, SS (16)

R3: (2 x DC in DC, DC) till end , SS (24)

R4: (2 x DC in Dc, 2 x DC) till end, SS (32)

R5: (2 x DC in Dc, 3 x DC) till end, SS, FO (40)

BIG TOE (make 2 x )

R1: CH8

R2: 2SC in CH (2nd from the hook), 6 x SC, 2SC in last CH – crochet around the other side of the chain now 7x SC till end, SS to the first, place marker

R3: 2 x DC in 1st SC, 2x HDC, 9x SC, 2 x HDC, 2DC in SC, SS to the 1st stitch

R4: CH1, 6x DC, 2x (2 x SC in SC), 7x DC, SS to the first stitch, FO

TOES (make 6x)

R1: MR, 8SC in MR, connect into circle with SS (8)

R2: 2 HDC in each SC, SS to the first, FO (16)

Pockets (make 2 x in different colours):


I have used orange and brownish-green cotton yarn to create the pockets. The theme behind this was honey in a jar 🙂 🍯.

R1: CH59, SC in 2nd CH from the hook and SC till the end, turn, CH1 (58)

R2: 58 SC, turn, CH1 (58)

R3: 58 DC, turn, CH1 (58)

repeat row R2 and R3 to your liking or to the size of my pocket, which was 11cm in height, fasten off.

Strings, assembly and decorations:


I connected the purple cotton yarn on top an ear and chain 51CH (25cm). SC too the second CH from the hook down towards the ear on the right side of the left side of the chain.

1SC in the ear on the left side from the first string attachment. Chain another 51CH and repeat the process of making the string with SC along the chain, SS to the ear and FO.

Repeat on the other ear. These strings are to be attached to the head rest poles on your car seat.

Attach the purple cotton yarn just above the toe to the side of the body and chain CH 141, SC to the second CH from the hook and SC to each of the chain stitch finishing with SS to the side of the bear body, FO. Repeat on the other side. These strings are to attach the organiser at the base of the car seat to provide more stability, when the organiser is loaded with toys.


All the pieces are sewn with the particular coloured yarn onto the organiser body. Attach the ears, attach the bows and 2 x reddish-orange buttons in the middle of each ear bow.

I used 5 x pink buttons to create the eye iris and 1 x black for the pupil to create 1 eye. I sew them on using light pink sewing thread and black for the pupil. Also, I did embroider the eye lashes using the black embroidery thread.

I made the happy mouth using a piece of black cotton yarn, which was also used for claws on hands and feet.

Attach the pockets and then the hands, placing them over the “honey” part. I did not sew them along the way but only at the joint and side of the arms, creating a pockets for pencils. That means only the arm and the sides of the arm are attached to the 3/4 of the arm ~ probably the wrist, where it is left loose.

Attach the feet with all toes and big toes.

Weave all the loose ends you may have and place the organiser in the back of the car seat – ready for use.

My daughter is super happy as it is girly enough and keeps all the necessary knick – knacks in one spot! 😀






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