Hello everybody, my nephew asked me if I am able to make a jumper for his still a puppy English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. His name is Pablo and you can follow his growing up journey here:

Pablo Blue Staffy

Well, there was no other specification, than that it should be a jumper to keep him warm during winter cold nights. I mean Australian winter cold nights in New South Wales, so just to explain that you understand – very mild winter, ~ minimum of 2 degrees Celsius in a very cold morning at the place where Pablo lives and definitely no snow 🙂 In case you would like to make this jumper for a dog living in a different geographical place, it is worth considering that you will need a different type of yarn, thickness and something washable as snow makes it wet, muddy and dirty.

Make a jumper for a dog ! Easier said than made 🙂 This was a challenge!

If you wanna make a dog outfit and you do not have any clues, you could follow the steps below, which I have put together for any clueless crocheters out there wanting to make a dog jumper:

1. Measure the dog

This step is super important! I took Pablo’s measurements all around him, not even knowing which ones I need. I follow basic arithmetic principles – measuring of length, circumference and width. I took advantage of having him here for a short visit and measured the following:

  • length of the top of the back (neck to tail)
  • circumference of his all legs – one by one, just in case they different 🙂 – everyone is unique
  • circumference of his neck (Staffy is muscly and his neck is a stroooong one)
  • diameter of his head (again, he has quite big head compare to his body)
  • distance between front legs
  • distance from the bottom part – neck to the most important part (it is used for wee wee 🙂 )

2. Choose a yarn, hook & colours

I did choose a 10 ply acrylic yarn and 5.5mm hook, that the project will be quick and stretchy. 100% Acrylic yarn is sturdy (does not wear off easily) & machine washable just in case he gets dirty. I did not know what pattern or colours at the beginning to choose from, but found this super cute video on internet here : Minion Dog this one was obviously made for super teeny-tiny dog compare to Pablo).

I fell in love with the idea of making a minion jumper! I rushed to my local craft store and got:

  • 300 grams of a dark blue
  • 150 grams yellow
  • and found at home less than 50grams of white, less than 20 grams of grey and probably 50grams of black 100% acrylic yarn

A bit of arithmetic

All yarn is 10ply thickness, however you can use any other thickness if you wish. As you will read later in this article, I did not follow the written pattern, rather the layout of the pattern and Pablo’s dimensions.

That gives you a free choice of yarn thickness and hook size. You just need to chain so many stitches to obtain the size in [cm] what you have measured. E.g. for 1cm measurement it took 5 chain stitches with 10 ply yarn and 5.5mm hook. With thinner yarn you will use smaller hook (to have the same tension) and do more stitches within 1 cm.

3. Pattern

To make a dog jumper I followed this original pattern Large Dog Pattern as despite his height Pablo fits to LARGE size.

I did not follow the entire pattern only the sizing jumper layout at the back of the pattern. I used for the entire jumper double crochet stitches, just to make it simple and plain. The entertaining motif is the minion look so I did not want to overcomplicate the stitches.


Starting with blue colour and changing to yellow just when the back is passing the “wee wee point” at the bottom.

When the pattern is not square but is narrowing I did crochet together 2 DC & 2 DC on each side each row until the measurements were exact the same I needed for Pablo.

The rest of the jumper back body was made in yellow, up until start of the front legs. Switched to black and did 3 rows in black. Switched back to yellow and followed the shape of the pattern to the end. I left a bit wider neck opening as Staffies have very muscly neck compare to the written pattern layout mentioned above.


The entire pice was made in yellow following the shape pattern and comparing to Pablo’s sizing. I used DC stitch and 2x DC & 2 x DC together (decrease) where needed based on the pattern shape and dog sizing.

Jumper Assembly

The jumper is sewn together using tapestry needle and yellow yarn. Just make sure that you put together only the sides and leave the opening for front legs ( I did this a bit wider as Pablo is muscly dog). The jumper is also sewn at the top leaving opening for neck (creating arms).

Minion Eyes:

2 x circles made from white (probably 7cm in diameter – larger) and 2 x circles made in black (3.5cm diameter – smaller).

Basic circle making logic:

I started with magic ring (MR)  and 6 DC in MR, connect with slip stitch to make a circle. To each DC crochet 2 DC in the next round (increase), connect with slip stitch. At the end of the round you should have 12 DC. Next round repeat 1 x DC in DC, 2DC in 1 x DC to the end of the row. Connect with slip stitch. Next round repeat 1 x DC in DC, 1 x DC in DC and 2 DC in 1 X DC to the end of the round and connect with slip stitch. You follow this logic (slow increase in each round) until you happy with the size of the circle.

Grey edge of the eye – goggles:

Chain enough stitches with grey yarn, enough to cover your white circle circumference. Connect with slip stitch to make a circle.

SC into each chain stitch around and connect with slip stitch. Next round SC BACK LOOPS ONLY in each SC around, slip stitch and finish off. Leave a longer end for sewing.

Eyes Assembly:

Starting with white circle, position black circle (pupil) into the centre of the white and place them onto the back of the jumper where was the 3 black rows. Black row should be in the middle of the eye – making a goggle strap. Pin it and position the other eye. Once you happy with how it looks sew them on the jumper. Sew on the white edge the grey circumference for goggles.

Embroider the face with black yarn for thicker effect or embroidery thread for more subtle look.

And voila, you have a minion jumper !

Pablo in his new jumper:




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