In case the crochet is still a mystery to you and you would like to start, I have written a previous article about basic supplies What you need to start – basic crochet supplies you will need to start with. So, I guess by now, you have purchased at least 1 x hook and 1 x ball of yarn to play with 🙂

You probably wondering how to hold the hook to start with. I am right handed so I am very sorry for all the very creative left handed people, but at this article I am going to explain only the holding technique for the right handed people 😦

Hook Holding

There is a probably more ways of doing this and I guess, there is no single “the right”way of doing it 🙂 So you need to feel comfortable to hold it. You need to have a good grip of the hook in your right hand.

You start a little bit like holding a pencil, however from the top rather then from the bottom. Have a look at this following picture:

Photo on 27-8-18 at 11.18 am

The hook has a head, the long body part (on my picture it is made from stainless steel) and the handle (on my picture ergonomic green silicon). The head is the “grabbing” part while the long body is the part, which gives the stitch the size (bigger hook – bigger yarn loop, smaller hook – smaller yarn loop). The relationship between the yarn thickness and hook size will be explained in another article, which I am planning to post very soon.

Hook & Yarn holding

To crochet, you need both hands. In the left hand you hold the string of yarn and in the right hand you hold the hook. With the left hand you control the tension of the stitches and also the flow of the yarn into your project. You also pull down a little the worked stitches by fingers of your left hand to maintain the correct tension of the work. The correct tension is, the one that, when you are using the worked stitches again they do not feel too loose or too tight.

A hook & yarn holding video down below demonstrates the way how you hold a hook and yarn. I do have the slip knot already worked here just for demonstration of the tension.

Pulling down motion of your left hand (middle finger and thumb) once you will be working e.g. chain stitch: Chain Stitch – pulling down movement – left hand
I hope that have explained these absolutely necessary basics, how to hold the hook & yarn when you starting with crocheting for the very first time.

In the next article I will show you different methods, how to start with crochet – how to make a slip knot.


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